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Greetings, and Welcome to the Psycho Squirrel Patrol!

If you've found your way here, one of two things is true. Either you're an aspiring Department of Fish and Game employee who somehow got terribly lost among the many twists and cul-de-sacs of "teh interweb", or you're a member of the most thoroughly end-game oriented squirrel-themed guild on the Garona (US) server.

Yes, that's right. You've reached the officially official website of the Psycho Squirrel Patrol, Garona's foremost leading guild in all squirrel-related aspects of the World of Warcraft. Since forming in 2005, our guild's goals remain simply to have fun and to hopefully help other people have fun in the process. The vast majority of our players are casual gamers who've come together in hopes of making some friends in the game and finding groups for quests and instances, as well as having some higher level folks who can answer questions and occasionally act as Death Incarnate, Destroyer of Worlds when dungeon bosses get a little too uppity. (Boy, that Van Cleef ... what a character.)

We have no level, skill or age requirements to join. Our guild chat is unmoderated and sometimes often gets raunchy. We are LGBTQ friendly and over all, we strive for a relaxed and generally groovy atmosphere, pleasantly free of drama or pressure and smelling ever-so-faintly of lilacs. Have a question? Ask away. Don't feel like running instances? By all means, there are other ways to play the game. Ultimately all we ask is that you, as George Carlin so eloquently said, "Be excellent to each other."

World of Warcraft is a game, after all. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and have a laugh.

"We wanted diamonds or sherbet or a squirrel with a gun!" -- Eddie Izzard

psycho squirrel patrol guild photo
Vanilla Guild Photo (NO PANTS!)
horde-size alt guild
Horde-Side Guild for Alts
     !!!!              ARE YOU A SQUIRREL??? TAKE OUR QUIZ:  
!!!!!!!!!!!   O_O      ___ I STEAL NUTS FROM THE ORPHANS  
!!!  !!!!!!! /@ @\            OF STORMWIND               
      !!!!!! \ x /                                           
      !!!!!!/ m  !m    ___ I THINK NIGHT ELVES WOULD BE   
       !!!!/ __  |             SEXIER WITH POOFY TAILS
       !!!!|/  \__                                           
        !!!\______\    ___ GNOMES MAKE ME FEEL INADEQUATE

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